Athlete Development Through Skill Assessment


Why I founded SportzMetrix.

Ken Dixon

Ken Dixon

As a lifelong sports lover, athlete and coach, I’ve been tracking team and player statistics for as long as I can remember. I always enjoyed watching and helping athletes improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Trained at West Point as an engineer, my coaching approach to skill development has always been to break skills down into their component parts, ensuring each is refined and compiled into the successful performance of a stride, shot, pass or agile movement.

Through my work in the IT sector with data analytics software, I became convinced that better data on athlete performance could provide an objective way to help athletes and coaches train smarter.

SportzMetrix was founded to provide the detail and data that I have always wanted to help athletes better understand, manage and develop their skills.

How does SportzMetrix help athletes better understand, manage and develop their skills?

We empower athletes with precise and individualized data. Using the world’s leading athlete testing system from Sport Testing Inc., SportzMetrix assesses both general athleticism and sport-specific skills. Through a consistent testing protocol, athletes learn about their speed, quickness, power, agility and strength in a very quantitative way. We describe these sports metrics, or sportZ metriX, as an athlete’s baseline for training or, more concisely, as their “ZX”. So ZX equals Training Baseline!

The metrics are stored online so that athletes can access their ZX at any time from any location. The metrics can be compared to the global results of other athletes in the database if desired. Most importantly, with their ZX, an athlete can plan their training with strength and sport-specific coaches to build areas of strength into areas of separation from other athletes and also address potential fatal flaws that could hinder their advancement.

After training for several months, athletes should retest to establish their latest ZX to determine if their training programs are working and to set a new training baseline.

What is SportzMetrix’s commitment to our athletes?

  • SportzMetrix testing is accurate, consistent and fair.
  • SportzMetrix testing environment is fun and non-threatening.
  • SportzMetrix provides data to athletes to determine training needs. The best measure of development is when an athlete compares their progress from prior ZX baselines to their most recent test results.
  • SportzMetrix provides data to athletic organizations and parents that should be used only in support of athlete development. Please use this data wisely!
Sport Testing

Why has SportzMetrix become Sport Testing Inc.’s Southern New England Certified Partner?

In the summer of 2015, SportzMetrix set out to apply technical tools and associated metrics to help athletes measure and develop their skills. We developed a hockey-specific protocol, acquired necessary hardware and software, and began testing. Soon after getting started, we learned of Sport Testing Inc. and their ten years of testing history and technology tool development. They were working with NHL, MLL, CFL and other professional organizations. After several trips to Toronto, where Sport Testing Inc. is headquartered, we were sold on their approach, equipment and, most importantly, their vision for the future. Understanding how their vision aligned with ours to develop athletes, SportzMetrix agreed to leverage Sport Testing’s more than ten years of experience and collected data into Southern New England and beyond.