Athlete Development Through Skill Assessment


Sport Testing for Teams and Organizations

There is great value in performing team and overall organization testing!

Benefits For Your Athletes Include:

  • Strengths will be determined. By knowing where you stand out, you can conduct skills training to gain further separation from peers in high performance areas which as you develop as an athlete will be recognized.
  • Potential “Fatal Flaws” in your skill set will be highlighted. While it is close to impossible to be great at everything, it is important to identify parts of your game that could be such a detriment that it will prohibit you from advancing to the next level. Knowing these areas and identify training to make them a successful part of your game is critical.
  • Tracking of development is available over your lifetime. The data captured in the testing sessions will reside in our database for your access and analysis. The data includes both general athleticism and sport specific results.

Benefits To Your Team and Organization Include:

  • As an organization, you will receive detailed Coaches’ Reports that allows you to see where the players rank in their skill which will help you focus development initiatives for your athletes throughout the season.
  • When athletes are retested, individual athlete and team progress will be identified. With this data the organization can analyze which training methods, drills and coaching approaches are having the largest impact on athlete development.
  • The data captured in the testing sessions will reside in our database for a lifetime of organization usage and analysis. You can look at trends and overall organization development. We provide one secure location where all of your organization identified athlete data is maintained.

The Testing Experience

Organization Testing Requirements and Fees

  • Your organization will provide ice time or facility rental which includes 30-minute equipment set up, 1 hour general athleticism, and 1 hour sport specific session per testing group.
  • For ice hockey, a maximum of 25 athletes per hour tested on-ice.
  • Organization also provides insurance coverage for athletes and a liability waiver will also be required for each athlete.
  • Sport-specific testing is for positional players only. (Goalies can participate in general athleticism testing. Goalie- specific testing is also an option).
  • We recommend the testing of more than one team per visit. Back-to-back sessions or the creation of an organizational event reduces cost and adds to the fun!
  • Maximize development impact by scheduling multiple test sessions over a period of time. SportzMetrix will not do just one test session as the real value in the data is the measurement of growth over time.
  • Fee: $99 per player, per test (based on single team testing). Group rates and repeat-testing packages are also available, which provide significant discounts.

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