Athlete Development Through Skill Assessment


Hockey Skills Testing – Test Like the Pros!

Hockey Sport Testing
Measure speed, agility, explosiveness, puck-handling, reaction time!

Our combines will provide athletes, coaches and organizations with a developmental blueprint that highlights individual teams’ (and athletes’) strengths and weaknesses. At the conclusion of each session, coaches are provided with detailed reports of their players’ results and through our database can compare their teams scores to the norms at their level.

Hockey Open Combines at Newington Arena

Dates to be announced soon!

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Testing the Montreal Canadiens

Seth Jones, NHL Top Prospect

Testing with Hayley Wickenheiser

Max Domi, CHL Top Prospect

QMJHL Hockey Combine

Testing with the Philadelphia Flyers

Pricing for Single Athletes: Ice Hockey Testing

Because the purpose of this program is to track development over time, athletes purchase test dates in multi-test packages:

Two-Test Package – $198 ($99 Per Test, completed in a 12 month window)

Three-Test Package – $237 ($79 Per Test, completed in a 12 month window)

Four-Test Package – $276 ($69 Per Test, completed in a 13 month window)