Athlete Development Through Skill Assessment


Why Test with SportzMetrix?

Athlete assessment from SportzMetrix —a certified partner of Sport Testing—gives athletes proven, precise tools that allow them to benchmark their skills with actual data representing performance and then train to improve as desired.

Quickness, agility, speed, strength, power — no matter your training needs, with SportzMetrix’s help, you will Know Your ZX!

  • SportzMetrix provides feedback that translates directly to your sport.
  • SportzMetrix allows the athlete to evaluate their training methods and make modifications based on empirical data.
  • SportzMetrix endeavors to support each athlete in the pursuit of their personal goals by providing sport-specific testing that evaluates their performance.
  • SportzMetrix can help the athlete train smarter.
  • SportzMetrix supports coaches in the development of their teams.

Sport testing allows you to keep quality data that you can track in the current season or over an extended length of time. Individuals can compare themselves with friends and peers. Associations, Leagues, and Teams can keep an all-time database to track player comparisons in-season or over time.

  • Compare your results in our global database
  • Compare your results among teammates and peers (with their permission)
  • Track your progression over a season or years
  • Associations and Teams can access data records for years

Reasons to Test

Test so you know how you can be the best. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using unbiased data, not guesswork.

Test what matters to you
We provide sport-specific skill testing for athletes. Test general or sport-specific strength and conditioning.

Instant feedback
Testing data is instantly uploaded online after you test. We provide access to your secure online database.

The data you need
Database includes analytic tools and report cards

Get the Advantage

Once you Know Your Numberz, you might put extra emphasis on training in an area that allows you to stand out from your peers…and implement other training routines to remedy a fatal flaw that could potentially hinder your progression to the next level.

Accurate Statistics
At the event, timing gates capture accurate statistics, and results can be displayed instantly on dynamic scoreboards.

Comprehensive Reporting
Data is transferred and shared from any combination of laptops, iPads, tablets, or smart phones. Players and coaches are sent detailed reports in personal online accounts.

Know Where To Train
Athletes and coaches then use comparative data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, target training, and track improvement.

How Often Should I Test?

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